Seed & Nourish


Your Kitchen Garden

...from yard to table

I like the idea of knowing that my food is good for me, with better taste and health. There is something about cooking a meal that came entirely from my garden that I just love.
— – Vanessa L., North Vancouver

Your Greenhouse

...for year-round growth and protection

I’ve brought friends and family down here to harvest lettuce for dinner and they are blown away. Kind of like a secret garden.
— - Stew F., West Vancouver

Your Rooftop Garden

...for Employee Wellness, Penthouse, Condo Living

You’re so knowledgeable, but you also listen really well. Having you design, come plant and guide the maintenance is just amazing. I like doing the care myself, but I don’t even know where I would begin trying to figure out what and where to plant, or how to manage the soil, or even where to source the plants.
— Vanessa L., North Vancouver